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Inktober 2021 Days 1 to 5

Happy Inktober! This is my FIRST OFFICIAL YEAR of participating in Inktober's annual October art-athon, wherein artists across the globe create a piece of art from an Inktober prompt list. These lists can be to create art every day or every week. So far, I am doing Inktober's "official" daily list, but I love looking at everyone's different prompt lists. So here are my Inktober drawings so far, for days 1 through to 5, created using a fine liner pen and watercolour paints. Prompts in order: crystal, suit, vessel, knot, raven. So far I have stuck to a fantastical, mystical theme ('tis the season for it)! Which piece is your favourite from the five? Follow me on Instagram for my daily Inktober creations!