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Inktober 2021 Days 1 to 5

Happy Inktober! This is my FIRST OFFICIAL YEAR of participating in Inktober's annual October art-athon, wherein artists across the globe create a piece of art from an Inktober prompt list. These lists can be to create art every day or every week. So far, I am doing Inktober's "official" daily list, but I love looking at everyone's different prompt lists. So here are my Inktober drawings so far, for days 1 through to 5, created using a fine liner pen and watercolour paints. Prompts in order: crystal, suit, vessel, knot, raven. So far I have stuck to a fantastical, mystical theme ('tis the season for it)! Which piece is your favourite from the five? Follow me on Instagram for my daily Inktober creations!

Inktober 2021 so far

Some of my Inktober 2021 fine liner & watercolour paint sketches so far! Evidently I have been enjoying taking a sweet mythological tangent. For more, visit my art Instagram @ sapphiredemirsozart

Mouse picnic: Fine liner & watercolour illustration

As spring sets in it's time to celebrate the reawakening of nature - hence the celebratory mouse picnic, using a fine liner pen and watercolour paints. Do these two remind you of a particular Disney Pixar pair? Remy and Emile are in my father's favourite Paris-based animation, so this illustration is especially for him (his birthday is tomorrow!). Wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day.

Fine liner phoenix illustrations

For two of my latest Inktober drawings I illustrated phoenixes, using my classic fine liner pen and watercolour paint combination. I firstly created the baby phoenix rising from its ashes for the prompt "fresh" (this post received so much love on Instagram !), and then I drew the fully thriving adult phoenix for the prompt "powerful". They are so cute that I will have to continue doing phoenix illustrations, similar to my recurring fondness with dragons . To stay up to date with all of my sketchbook sketches you can find my work on Instagram .

Magical creatures watercolours

Today's set of fine liner and watercolour illustrations are of three magical creatures, which I created for the all-year Inktober prompts numbered 5, 7, and 8. The Valentine's dragon is based on the prompt 'dragonfly', wherein I played with the words so that I could capture a flying dragon (and she is pink because I drew her for Valentine's Day). The fox with the bubbling cauldron is for the prompt 'camping'. And lastly the snowy owl was for the prompt 'remote', as she is flying away from the world, high and free. Have you been participating in Inktober52? Let me know if you have in the comments below or on my art Instagram !

All creatures great and small

Hello February! A snow storm is currently raging past my window, giving me the illusion of being inside a (vigorously) shaken snow globe, and so I thought that now would be the perfect time to show you some of my 2021 fine liner pen and watercolour paint drawings. I recently discovered that Inktober is an all-year-round thing (and a brilliant thing at that) so illustration number 1 is for today's Inktober prompt (6/52) "Monster". I opted for the cute interpretation, although I had so much fun doing some of my realistic human profile drawings when sketching ideas. So this is a diplodocus, my favourite dinosaur. Number 2 is a sausage dog, because dachshunds flow so naturally from my hand to the page. And number 3 is a little mouse chef! If you know me well, you will know how much I adore little mice. I am enjoying drawing daily, as I did at the end of 2020 too - what is happening on your art radar right now? Let me know in the comments or over on my Instagram :)