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Twelvetide: The first five days of Christmas

In the spirit of Christmas I have painted five festive watercolour sketches! They illustrate the first five days of Christmas (or "Twelvetide") as sung in the Christmas carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas". From the top left to the bottom right they show: a partridge in a pear tree , two turtle doves , three French hens , four calling birds (Eurasian bullfinches), and five gold rings (as presented in the feathers of a stately peacock). Merry Christmas, from the Twelvetide birds and myself!

Festive friends: Christmas illustrations

Merry Christmas! I hope that you are having a lovely day. Over the past week I have drawn a number of festive illustrations to tie in with the season, which you can see above and on my Instagram . The watercolour illustrations show: a snoozing teddy bear in its Christmas party hat, an angelic lamb (which I drew for the 'angel' prompt of Advent Challenge), and two pheasants on a stroll. Happy holidays ♡

Cute and fantastical

  I have been thoroughly enjoying creating cute fantastical creatures recently. The above illustrations show my little yellow and lilac dragon, who I invented during the Advent Illustration Challenge on Instagram, and a happy little mushroom! Their pastel colours and sweet faces make them so endearing, and I can't wait to continue drawing them.

Bird studies

I did a number of bird studies during November, and I love their friendly faces, pastel colours, and plump plooms! The illustrations above show two robins on a branch under a sprig of mistletoe (a drawing which I made for the 'Courtship' prompt of Folktale Week), a gorgeously plump Eurasian bullfinch, and a robin and a titmouse observing each other. To view the drawings in high resolution, click on the picture and the zoom feature should be enabled.

Fine liner illustrations

I love to use fine liners when creating illustrations, and the three drawings above are some of my most recent pieces. The winter tree with its rippled reflection is a piece I created during this November's Folktale Week - trees are one of my favourite things to sketch, and I make sure to observe them every day when I walk along the country fields by my house! The cottage is a sketch based on a home in Castle Combe, and I created it for a 'Draw this in your style' challenge on Instagram . Finally, I created the ship at the very end of Inktober, and I loved creating the curves in the sails! These delicate illustrations will tell a unique story to every observer due to the endless possibilities which lie at the heart black and white drawings. To enlarge the image, click the picture and zoom will be enabled in a high resolution quality.